Child Protection

Project:      Orphans Needs Support

Project’s Progress: Funding Received!10%

With funding from Luena Foundation, CEDA is currently implementing the “Orphans Need Support” project that will focus on the provision of food for feeding (F&F), designated sanitary facilities, medication, clothing and education for the children of the St. Clare Orphanage Center in Juba, South Sudan.

The children in need of support constitute a large percentage of population in South Sudan. The child should grow up in a family environment and in an atmosphere of happiness, love, guidance and understanding. Children require care regarding physical and mental health as well as the tools to be included in society as well-rounded citizens. However, indicators show a decline in social and economic welfare of children.

Orphan children make up a huge percentage of population in South Sudan, a situation derived from the civil war, HIV/AIDS scourge, poverty and poor health conditions.

CEDA has secured this small-scale funding that will be a permanent model for children growth and development in South Sudan.

In addition, this project will be sustained through financial resource mobilization from global donors, micro-funding and contribution from well-wishers.

CEDA goes shopping!

With the funding, CEDA was able to buy 5 bags maize flour, 5 bags of red lentils, 2 tanks of 20l cooking oils, 50 pcs of diapers, 4 cartoons of soap, 3 bags of powder soaps, 1 50 kg bag of sugar and 5 bags of beans.