Our Objectives

CEDA aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To stress on enforcement of right to clean and healthy environment as a constitutional right
  2. To encourage public participation in the management and protection of the environment and natural resources for sustainable development.
  3. To encourage citizens and individuals to preserve and protect the environment in their daily activities.
  4. To encourage and promote agricultural, industrial and other production activities to abide to environmental law, principles and procedures.
  5. To ensure that all public official and policy makers have sufficient knowledge of environmental law and principles, and apply them in their day-to-day decisions and policies.
  6. To ensure that all judicial and law enforcement officials have attained sufficient training on environmental law.
  7. To ensure that environmental law principles are incorporated in all government policies and legislations.
  8. To ensure that environmental respect principles are added in schools’ curriculum at all levels of education. 
  9. To promote conservation and regeneration of degraded ecosystems through participatory appraisals and demonstrations.
  10. To contribute towards national and international regulatory frameworks related to environment and natural resources management through research, policy analysis and advocacy. 
  11. To contribute towards Environment & Biodiversity conservation through research, awareness raising and education, advocacy, and consultancy.
  12. To partner with national and international NG0s and other like-minded institutions, bodies, and entities working to promote sustainable development. 
  13. To strengthen the capacity of CEDA and its members and staff to be able to contribute meaningfully towards the sustainable development of South Sudan.