Luena Foundation comes to visit CEDA in Juba!

Cooperation and partnerships are at the backbone of CEDA’s work which we foster with professionalism and commitment. During the period of the 29th of September and 8th December, our principal donor: Luena Foundation paid a visit to our team in Juba, South Sudan. Ryan and Emily Rauch, founders of the Foundation, spent the 10 days in the country between field visits, meetings and volunteerism.

After a warm welcome from CEDA’s team, two meetings were organized with ACTED and later with OXFAM (together with ACTED) to talk about a possible projects to implement in partnership. As a matter of facts, CEDA plans to build a water point in the Internally Displaced People (IDP) Camp School Complex in Juba and the three organizations discussed the feasibility of the project.

CEDA organized a visit to the IDP camps n. 1 and 3 as well as with the camp management. Together with Luena Foundation, CEDA observed the state of the camps which presents poor sanitation, youth unemployment and limited access to the camps ‘schools. This visit provided the basic information to elaborate a possible new project that will offer vocational training to the youth, repair of the water points and the possibility of the creation of a program called “Luena’s Scholars” (TBD) that will sponsor 10 kids (5+5) to go study in Rwanda and Uganda for secondary level school and primary respectively.

Additionally, Luena Foundation and CEDA met with the first Vice-President of the Republic of South Sudan, H.E Dr.Riek Machar Teny to share the situation witnessed in the IDP camps visited.  The visit was meant to bring to the attention of all the people the deterioration of the conditions of the camps, now that the UN has withdrawn from the management of the latter. Luena Foundation and CEDA demonstrated the commitment to act to better that situation.

To end the visit, the CEDA’s volunteers brought Emily and Ryan to St. Claire orphanage in Juba for a day of volunteerism, cleaning helping the staff and playing with the kids.

The visit was very positive and a turning point of CEDA’s activities as it builds accountability for future organizations who may want to collaborate with us and proves our commitment.

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